Zombie like feetDo you start unconsciously reciting "Double double, toil and trouble" each time you look at your feet? Are your loved ones suggesting a bit too strongly that you go as a witch or zombie this Halloween? If you're tired of looking at your dreadful digits, you may have gone too long without doing something about your ugly, fungal toenails.

No one should have to live with feet that resemble a Zombie's.

Before you hit your first Halloween party, create a new chant. "Imagine, imagine, beautiful toenails." And say that three times a day. OK, it may not be Shakespeare but if it helps you pick up the phone and make an appointment with Dr. Rion Berg, then it's worth all the trouble, without the double-double.

How We Kill the Fungus

Getting rid of fungal toenails does not require a secret potion or incantation, but it does mean you'll need to come and see us at Foot and Ankle Center of Lake City. We provide laser treatment which is safe, painless, and takes just 30 minutes. The laser penetrates the nail to kill the fungus growing beneath it.

What You Need to Do to Keep the Critters Down

In addition to laser, we'll give you all the supplies you need to keep the critters down. One tool we use is a Shoe Zap that sounds like something Frankenstein would use but don't worry it will only zap the fungus and bacteria in your shoes.

What You Can Do to Avoid it in the First Place

Fungus lives everywhere, but it lives in some places in greater numbers than others. It particularly loves dark, damp environments like feet that live inside shoes. Although anyone that wears shoes can get toenail fungus It's most common in athletes or those who've had trauma to the nail, folks who go barefoot in showers and locker rooms, and women and men who frequent questionable spas to get pedicures. Download our book to learn more about prevention.

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