Our Experienced Seattle Podiatrist Helps Patients Successfully Resolve Stubborn Foot and Ankle Issues

Foot or ankle problems can disrupt your life, making work and the activities you once enjoyed difficult, if not impossible. When pain makes standing, walking, or running unbearable, you can find yourself desperate for relief and grappling with the idea of changing jobs, putting an end to your nightly strolls, dropping out of your dance classes, or withdrawing from your next marathon or sports competition. Likewise, if you're suffering from a stubborn, unsightly foot issue, you may feel you have no choice but to ditch your favorite sandals and hide your feet from the world. Fortunately, you don't have to give up the activities—or the shoes—you love. Help is available!

Welcome to Foot and Ankle Center of Lake City: a premier podiatry practice in Seattle's north end that provides comprehensive, compassionate podiatric care for patients of all ages. In practice for 40 years, our talented podiatrist, Dr. Rion Berg, blends old-school mechanical and conservative measures with the latest in advanced technology to resolve foot and ankle complaints as quickly as possible.

Struggling with debilitating heel or foot pain? Unsightly foot or toenail issues making you feel self-conscious? Have a bunion or heel pain that hasn't responded to treatment? Been to other practices but still haven't found the relief you need? Don't give up. At Foot and Ankle Center of Lake City, we're committed to identifying the cause of your foot or ankle problem and developing a treatment plan that's right for you. Contact us today to request an appointment with Dr. Berg.

Dr. Rion Berg
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A podiatrist in North Seattle treating families for over 40 years.