eliminate your kids warts for goodOne of the most frustrating things you can experience as a parent is being unable to help your child with a medical problem. Plantar warts can be painful and stubborn to treat. But because warts don't always hurt, your child can develop clusters of warts on the bottom of their feet without realizing it. The longer they go untreated the harder they can be to eliminate.

More traditional treatments for warts can be painful and keep your kid from doing what they love for many days afterward. And it can take multiple treatments to eliminate them. And because recurrence of warts is common after traditional treatments, many kids must keep coming back to get retreated.

First I'll discuss why warts are so difficult to treat and then about our revolutionary solution to eliminate kids' plantar warts for good.

Why Are Warts So Difficult to Eliminate in Children?

Warts are hard to eliminate because the cause of warts, human papillomavirus (HPV), hides from the immune system. While more traditional treatments for warts such as cryotherapy, chemicals, and over-the-counter methods destroy the warts that appear on the skin, these treatments do nothing to eliminate the cause of warts. And when the wart is gone, the HPV still lingers in the body just waiting for an opportunity to reappear causing new warts.

And with new plantar warts, you start the cycle all over again, with treatment and retreatment. Unfortunately, because warts are contagious, they can spread to other children and adults in the family causing more unnecessary pain and suffering.

New Treatment to Eliminate Stubborn Warts in Children

That’s why as a podiatrist I decided to find a better solution to treat kids with warts. Fortunately, I found Swift Immune Therapy.

Why Swift?

Unlike other therapies that attack the wart itself, Swift focuses on eliminating the cause of warts (HPV) using microwave therapy. Swift’s microwaves heat up water molecules within the wart revealing the virus to the immune system. Once the immune system recognizes the wart as foreign it can eliminate it.

Will It Hurt My Child?

While Swift isn’t pain-free, the treatments last only 3 or 4 secs and so any pain experienced is short. For patients who are particularly sensitive or concerned about pain, our office uses a TENS unit or a local anesthetic. Unlike other methods that treat the wart directly, there is no lingering pain after the treatment is over.

Will There Be Any Downtime After Treatment?

Unlike other treatments that are more destructive and require the patient to be off their feet, your child can immediately go back to their usual activities right after each session.

Will My Childs's Warts Come Back?

Because Swift attacks the cause of plantar warts, the human papillomavirus, the chance of them coming back is greatly reduced. In fact, less than 1% of patients experience a return of their warts vs. almost 20% for more traditional methods. That gets your child out of the cycle of treatment and retreatment and allows them to live without pain and embarrassment. Swift works particularly well in children because they typically have strong immune systems.

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