Diabetics and heel pain sufferers are encouraged to lose weight by this Seattle podiatrist and other podiatrists across the country. In some cases weight loss can reverse some forms of Type II diabetes and it certainly helps overweight and obese patients who have heel pain.

However, a new commentary released on Feb 12, 2015 written by leading experts in Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology says that obesity is a chronic illness caused by basic biology and cannot be cured with diet and exercise alone.

"Few individuals ever truly recover from obesity; rather they suffer from 'obesity in remission'", according to the experts. Apparently bariatric surgery is the only treatment able to alter an obese person's appetite and response to food.

This is very disappointing from a doctor's point of view, especially given the number of patients that fall into the obese category. Fortunately, patients with painful heel conditions can still be helped regardless of their ability to lose weight by focusing on treatments that help the majority of our patients.

The Foot and Ankle Center of Lake City uses a combination of:

  • Reducing inflammation
  • Reducing calf tightness
  • Addressing foot mechanics through use of orthotics
  • Supportive shoes
  • Physical therapy

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Dr. Rion Berg
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