do you have bunions like amal clooneyAs George Clooney celebrates his one year anniversary with his wife Amal, the press has been all over the poor girl about her bunions. Plenty of other rich and famous women also struggle with Hallux valgus, the medical term for bunions. Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Aniston, and Sarah Jessica Parker have all been plagued by this common problem.

This is not at all surprising. Stilettos and other high heels commonly worn by fashionable women force the front of the foot and toes into unnatural positions. Over time, the big toe moves toward the little toes, and the classic "bump" forms. Some may disregard this idea. But consider this. Women outnumber men up to 15 to 1 in the formation of bunions. Case closed.

While high heels certainly make bunions worse, they aren't the real reason you may have bunions. Not everyone who wears high heels gets them. Instead, blame heredity. If you mother or grandmother has bunions you're more likely to get them. That's because you're likely to inherit their foot type. People with flat feet are more prone to getting bunions, so if your feet our flat you should avoid high heels.

That means if you have a daughter, you can help her prevent or slow the progression of bunions by steering her clear of high heels. The earlier a woman starts wearing high heels and the longer she wears them the worse her bunions can become.

If your bunions are getting out of control and are causing you a lot of pain and grief, don't wait to do something about it. Here at the Foot and Ankle Center of Lake City, we have over 40 of experience helping people with bunions, whether you require a more conservative approach or surgery.


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