You surely must understand that the appearance of the Starship in a thirteen year olds’ foot was as much surprise to me as it was to her.  There was no doubt, however, that this look alike was way off course and foreign to the deep space of her foot.  It was trapped in orbit in her left foot for over two weeks until I plotted a new course and removed it.  At only .5 cm in length, finding this cloaked object was truly like finding a needle in a haystack. 

During the course of my 30 years in practice, I have removed staples, toothpicks, splinters, animal hairs, carpet fibers , and even a thread from a foot.  With few exceptions, your body has an early warning system called pain, redness, and swelling that will alert you to the presence of something foreign having entered your space without permission.  Should you have the unfortunate experience of stepping on a foreign object, be sure to have your podiatrist evaluate and treat this problem early. Upon removal you will be clear for more voyages.

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