My aunt loved words and all of her children and nieces and nephews remember her teaching them a saying, “Whether the weather be fair, or whether the weather be not, you weather the weather whatever the weather, whether you like it or not.” I thought of this as Colorado is besieged by torrential downpours today, and we sit here basking in too much? Sunshine. We are so lucky for the moment that our own extremes haven’t resulted in a recent disaster.

The weathers imbalance brings to mind how much we stress our feet, and keeping them healthy is truly a balancing act. The majority of the problems that arise in the feet are not about severe deformities. Just yesterday a teenager presented with a complaint of arch pain that was going on for about four years. There was no injury, but her arches have been sore with any degree of athletic activity. Examination did not show significant flat feet or severely high arches. In the end, my examination revealed a moderately tight calf muscle, and a history of wearing Converse shoes. Her cheerleading required a certain athletic shoe, which superficially looked OK, but had no heel elevation, no arch support, and was too flexible. The summer months included a moderate amount of time in flip flops.

The bottom line is that like the weather, we can tolerate modest changes in our foot environment, but if these excesses, even if moderate, are applied to the foot over a long time, they will take their toll and our feet will complain. If your feet are beginning to suffer this fall, don’t just weather the weather, have your feet evaluated by your podiatrist and let’s get them back into balance.

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