"After having a procedure and antibiotics for an infection and blood clot under my toenail, that same toe became ingrown and became increasingly painful. I had been dealing with severe pain for weeks and it got so bad I could hardly walk," stated one of our recent patients.

Fortunately one of our Seattle podiatrists was able to see her that day and get her back on her feet pain free.

Ingrown toenails can occur for many reasons. Infection, family history, trauma to the nail, shoes that are too tight, fungal toenails, and cutting toenails improperly can all lead to this extremely painful problem.

Although there are home treatments, they may only work if an infection has not set it. Pain, swelling redness, are all indications of inflammation and infection. So if you decide to try soaking your feet in Epsom's salts or another home treatment you've Googled and these don't work, it's important to call a podiatrist and be seen as soon as you can.

Most often a simple surgical procedure done the same day will take care of the problem.

Why wait any longer if you don't need to.

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