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By Dr. Rion Berg
September 13, 2016
Category: sports injuries
Tags: sprained ankle  

Russell Wilson pulled off another last minute game saving win as he threw a touchdown for the Seahawks, beating out the Miami Dolphins on Sunday with a 12-10 win. What's more amazing is that he did it after his ankle was sprained as a result of being accidentally stepped on by a defensive tackle much larger than him. Of course he's tough but he's also paid to make sure the Seahawks win no matter what.

Don't make that same mistake if you're playing your favorite sport and you feel a twinge of pain from a twist or jump. While Russell Wilson has the advantage of top notch athletic trainers and Sports Medicine physicians waiting on the sideline, most of us won't have the same service.

Playing through any injury is risky since you won't have the benefit of an onsite examination and evaluation. It's impossible to know if you've broken a bone or how badly you've torn a ligament.

If you do get injured it's best use the following protocol to keep down pain and inflammation:

  • Rest

  • Apply ice

  • Apply compression to the ankle

  • Elevate the injured ankle

Russell has been given the go ahead to practice on Wednesday and play this coming Sunday. However, it's very likely if he tore a ligament, he'll have problems later on because once a ligament is stretched out if doesn't go back to its original shape. Because of this, ankles with torn ligaments are usually more stiff and unstable.

So now that you have the skinny on playing through pain, call us today at 206-368-7000 for an appointment, if you get injured. For injuries we can usually see you same day. You can also request an appointment online.

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Two time professional champion of ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” Julianna Hough is hitting her stride after tearing a ligament in her foot several months ago. She’s now back to her regular exercise regime. For someone who is on their feet a lot and puts them through rigorous workouts, it’s important to be fully healed before more stress and strain on their most valuable asset.

Most likely Ms. Hough had a severe ankle sprain along with her torn ligament. There are three ligaments in your ankle; they act like rubber bands connecting one bone to another and binding the joints together. In the ankle joint they provide stability by limiting side-to-side movement. Ligaments are usually torn as a result of a severe injury such as a sudden twist or a blow to the foot and ankle that puts in out of alignment.

Regardless, as your Seattle podiatrist need to let you know that if you’ve sustained an ankle sprain it’s essential to have it checked out and treated as soon as possible. I recommend applying the RICE protocol, to reduce swelling. Once I examine the sprain and you’ve had an X-ray, I’ll make further recommendations so that you can begin the healing process. Usually treatment can be accomplished using more conservative methods. However serious ankle sprains, particularly among competitive athletes, may require surgery to repair and tighten the damaged ligaments.

Call us at the Foot and Ankle Center of Lake City right away at 206-368-7000 if you’ve sustained an ankle injury and we’ll try to get you in same day.

By Dr. Rion Berg
January 27, 2014
Category: Heel pain
Tags: heel pain   bunions   Madonna   Macklemore   sprained ankle  

Madonna strutted her stuff with Seattle’s Macklemore and Ryan Lewis at the Grammy’s last night even though she’s still healing from an injury caused by wearing high heels. She instagrammed her friends before her performance telling them “"It's official! I'm off my crutches and I'm looking for the perfect pair of heels to wear to the Grammys”.Apparently she bruised the bone of her foot a little over a week ago and was seen not long after working out at the gym with her crutches. Now that’s crazy dedication to looking good.

It seems like our celebrity blog log of foot injuries just keeps rolling along. And most of these injuries are the result of wearing high heels. Of course last week we heard about a diving injury sustained by Uma Foden of Splash! fame but that’s more unusual. Swimming is one of the safest things you can do to stay active throughout your life. Diving--not so much.

I know no matter how much I tell my patients to lay off the high heels, it’s just not going to happen. Some of my patients work at jobs where they have to be on their feet all day and they wear heels as a standard of fashion.

Unfortunately the results of high heel wear are foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis, bunions, and an increased likelihood of falling and twisting an ankle.

Even for my heel loving patients I can offer some preventive advice:

  • If you wear high heels regularly, be sure to alternate the height of your heels which can help prevent tightening of your Achilles tendon. If this tendon gets too tight you place yourself at greater risk of heel pain.
  • Stretching your achilles/calf muscle daily particularly before exercise will also prevent tightening of this muscle.
  • When wearing heels, protect the ball of your foot with a pad in the shoe or gel pad applied to your foot.

If you do start to experience pain as a result of high heel wear, don’t ignor it. It will only make things worse over time. Call us 206-368-7000 or request an appointment online and we’ll do whatever we can to get you back to the dance floor.