At Foot and Ankle Center of Lake City, our trusted podiatric team is committed to providing patients with the highest-quality services and support. Browse testimonials from patients we've treated for ingrown toenails to learn about their experiences with our Seattle podiatry practice.

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  • I had an ingrown toenail that needed attention. I am a "wimp" for pain and was very apprehensive when I saw Dr. Berg. He explained everything he did step by step. I barely felt the needle when he numbed my toe (which I had heard was the worst part). No pain at all during the procedure to remove part of my toenail. For the next two weeks I kept waiting for my toe to start hurting. Never happened. Amazing! I just went back for my two-week checkup. Everything was great. I highly recommend Dr. Berg and his staff. PB, Bothell
  • I am 84 and never had foot problems. Recently I developed ingrown toenails. I saw a PA who did little but follow a podiatrist, hand out and suggest the next step would be for a foot surgeon to remove half of the offending nails! Not encouraging! I then made an appointment with Dr Berg. Very nice and well laid out space. Great and friendly staff. Dr Berg is very professional and skilled. His treatment was painless and results very good. In addition I never had to wait more than two or three minutes. A great find! Tom G, Lake Forest Park
  • Great podiatrist and great team! Treated my daughter's ingrown toenail with sensitivity and skill. I work in the area of patient and family experience and this team did everything right. Highly recommend. Jane G, Seattle
  • I had an ingrown toenail that kept coming back. Dr. Berg removed part of the nail and did some other work on the toe. He made sure I came back for follow ups and was very kind. My toe is all better, finally. Linda S
  • I had an ingrown toenail that was causing me pain. Easy to make appointment and was able to get treated and get precise instructions on how to take care of my toe while it was healing. Dr. Berg was great and his staff was very helpful. I'm ready to do my next 5K. Ann Marie M, Bremerton
  • My experience here was so pleasant I wish I had more ingrown toenails just so I could continue to go back and give them my business. I got 3 ingrown toenails removed at once; they penciled me in last minute. Incredibly affordable, even without insurance. I even ended up needing antibiotics, they had me come in to check and charged me nothing. I felt so listened to and the whole staff was friendly. If I ever have problems with my feet or ankles in the future I will absolutely be going here again because it was truly the most lovely experience I’ve had at a doctors office as long as I can remember.
  • “I came in dreading the painful ingrown toenail removal stories I had heard. Dr. Berg was thorough, kind, and explained everything to me. The whole process was pretty stress-free!”