At Foot and Ankle Center of Lake City, our trusted podiatric team is committed to providing patients with the highest-quality services and support. Browse testimonials from patients we've treated for ingrown toenails to learn about their experiences with our Seattle podiatry practice.

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  • My experience here was so pleasant I wish I had more ingrown toenails just so I could continue to go back and give them my business. I got 3 ingrown toenails removed at once; they penciled me in last minute. Incredibly affordable, even without insurance. I even ended up needing antibiotics, they had me come in to check and charged me nothing. I felt so listened to and the whole staff was friendly. If I ever have problems with my feet or ankles in the future I will absolutely be going here again because it was truly the most lovely experience I’ve had at a doctors office as long as I can remember.
  • “I came in dreading the painful ingrown toenail removal stories I had heard. Dr. Berg was thorough, kind, and explained everything to me. The whole process was pretty stress-free!”