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Each one of us is born with one pair of feet. These feet must last us a lifetime. As parents you worry about your kids—everytime they get sick you call the doctor just to make sure that cold that’s dragging on isn’t something really bad, you make sure that they are safe by making sure car seats and other safety devices are installed properly and that they wear their bicycle helmets, and you make sure that they have all they need for their intellectual, social, and physical development. But when was the last time you thought about your kid’s feet?

As your Seattle podiatrist, I decided to offer initial free exams to kids 12 and under this year because I know how important it is that kids get off on the right foot in life, literally. How do you know it’s a good idea to bring your kids or grandkids in to see me?

Here are some signs that your kids are having a problem with their feet:

Your Kids Have Trouble Keeping Up With Their Friends
If your kids are getting tired easily it may be because they have flat feet. The muscles in the feet and legs fatigue easily because their feet aren’t functioning as they should if they have this foot type.

Kids Voluntarily Withdraw From Activities They Usually Enjoy
No kid wants to sit on the sidelines. If they do, they might have heel pain. I recently wrote a blog about Sever’s disease, a condition in children due to an inflammation of the growth plate seen most often in kids who are involved in athletics.

They Avoid Showing You Their Feet
No kid wants to go to the doctor, so if they have a problem with their feet they may avoid showing them to you.  Start checking your kids feet for things like swelling around the nails (could indicate ingrown toenails), skin discoloration, calluses, or growths.

Your Kid Trips and Falls Frequently
Your may think their clumsiness is just a phase, but it could be caused by pigeon toes (in-toeing), balance problems, or a neuromuscular condition.

Your Kid Complains of Pain
No foot pain is normal in a kid. Even if you have a very active child that’s constantly falling, be on the look-out for swelling in the feet or ankles. Your child should be seen by a podiatrist for diagnosis and treatment.

(Source: American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons)

Make sure your kids can make the most out of their one pair of feet. If your child or grandchild is experiencing any of the problems above, make an appointment today with the Foot and Ankle Center of Lake City. For injuries, we do same day appointments. Call us at 206-368-7000 or request an appointment online.