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OK. Let’s face it. Guys just don’t care as much about hygiene as you do, particularly when it comes to their feet. They don’t care if their toenails are too long, if their feet stink, or if they have toenail fungus.

In fact many may celebrate their gross feet. The more cut up, blistered, and awful their feet are the better. After all we do live In Seattle where trucking up into the mountains for days on end can be a badge of honor.

But you’re totally frustrated.

The more you hammer home the need to get his nails treated, the more resistant he gets. So what will change his mind? Here are a few tips to get his kicks in gear and make an appointment.

Fungal Nails Can Be Painful
Everyone knows that men can be complete babies when it comes to pain. And let me tell you, nail fungus can be very painful. It might not hurt today or next week, but the thicker they get the likelihood of a man developing pain in their nails goes up tremendously. Let him know from me that if he doesn’t want his nails to hurt than he better come see me now.

Diabetes and Fungal Nails Can Lead to Amputation
That’s right. If you’re guy has diabetes and fungal nails he’s at three times the risk of getting a foot ulcer. Fungus that starts out on the toes can also affects the surrounding skin causing cracks and infection. Eventually these can cause an open wound or ulcer. When not treated properly these may lead to amputation.

If he’s got diabetes he should be seeing me anyway – I’m one of the only Seattle podiatrists who’s been treating the diabetic foot for over 30 years.

Fungus Can Spread to You and Your Kids
Just as your husband likely caught fungus from going the gym or pool and walking barefoot in the shower room, he can also spread it to you and your children. It’s possible that your kids are even more at risk than you are…there is evidence for a genetic component to toenail fungus.

So I hope this gives you enough material to convince him. Once you do, call us at the Foot and Ankle Center of Lake City at 206-368-7000 or request an appointment online.