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After the indulgent holiday season, people often feel New Year’s inspiration to get fit and healthy. Gyms are packed with sweaty weekend warriors on elliptical machines, trying to ditch their craft beer bellies. They envision their toned beach bodies on sleeveless summer days while they pound the elliptical.

All we want to do on these dreary Seattle days is hibernate under cozy sweaters, wool socks and fleece blankets. But the thought of warm weather can motivate us to achieve the bodies we wish to have. Plenty of us want tight abs for our bathing suits and toned arms for tank tops, but most are not thinking about the appearance of our feet in strappy sandals or open-toed Keens.

If toenail fungus has you feeling embarrassed about your feet, NOW is the time to start treatment, so that your piggies will look cute and clear for summer. Many people don’t realize that it can take several months for the new, healthy toenail to grow in.

One of the best ways to get rid of ugly fungus toenails is getting treated with the PinPoint Footlaser. It’s quick, painless, and there are no side effects. You can check out our most frequently asked questionsto find out more.

Does your summer body goal include healthy looking toenails? Schedule a free consult at our Seattle podiatry office to discuss your treatment options.

You can reach us at the Foot and Ankle Center of Lake City in Seattle by calling us at 206-368-7000 or requesting an appointment online.

I know, I know. We’ve had a terrific summer here in Seattle and although we’ve had a few heavy rains, we’re still getting a dose of great sunshine after the fog burns off. As Thanksgiving approaches and our thoughts turn to turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie the last thing on our mind may be our toenails. But the truth is that after the dinner plates are cleared and we’ve eaten the last of our dessert, we will likely start to wonder how we’re going to face another long, rainy winter.  

As a podiatrist in Seattle my thoughts and very likely yours are turning to vacationing in Palm Springs, Hawaii, Mexico or other favorite hot spot. After taking off your boots and pulling off your socks the truth is right there starring you in the face; you still need to do something your ugly fungus toenails. You refuse to go on another vacation if you have to cover up your feet.

Luckily here at the Foot and Ankle Center of Lake City we can help. We’ve been treating fungal toenails with the Pinpoint laserTM since January of this year and we’ve been having great results. Our patients are experiencing clearing of the nail and have been very pleased that a problem that has been plaguing them for many years may finally disappear.

So if you’ve finally decided that you aren’t going to put up with those ugly toenails anymore, request an appointment with Drs. Rion Berg or Robyn Paloian in Seattle today. You can also call us at 206-368-7000 and we’ll get you in to see one of our doctors as soon as possible.


By Dr. Rion Berg
February 07, 2013
Category: Fungus toenails

Toenail fungus.  It's unsightly. It's ugly.  Your loved ones may be bugging you about doing something to get rid of it. 

Or perhaps you want to make sure when you take that next vacation you'll be able to wear sandals to show off your feet. With summer on the horizon, now would be the perfect time to come in to the Foot and Ankle Center of Lake City to get your toenails treated. 

Why Laser Treatment for Toenail Fungus?
Some treatments currently used are ineffective or can cause liver damage and other side effects. Topical treatments alone do not work because the infection lives under and inside of the nail and most treatments cannot effectively reach and destroy the infection.

Our PinPoint Footlaser is the first FDA approved laser clinically proven to treat toenail fungus. It's completely safe, painless, and has no side effects. Improvement in nail appearance can be seen in about 4-6 months.

Diabetic Patients
As a person with diabetes you may be at greater risk for developing a fungal nail infection than non-diabetic patients. In one study, there was a 15% rate of secondary infections in diabetic patients with fungus toenails compared to a 6% rate in diabetic patients without fungus toenails. In addition, diabetic patients with toenail fungus, had three times greater risk of developing a foot ulceration (wound).

So if you want to say goodbye to ugly toenails and get ready to strap on your sandals this summer, call us today at 206-368-7000 for an appointment. Often same day for emergencies and less than 2 weeks for chronic foot pain. You can also request an appointment online.

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