I reviewed several shoe stores this year in order to make good recommendations to my patients.

Mirage Shoes Comfort Shoes For Women: This store in Wallingford is owned by two women who have a very good knowledge of foot function while they focus on selling shoes that incorporate both style and comfort. They carry smart looking dress casuals like Taos, and others with a wider toe box such as Naot; these shoes more easily accommodate over the counter inserts or custom orthotics. They also sell Pedaq and Sole supports and know which shoes accommodate which insoles for various foot complaints. From sandals to walking shoes to dress shoes, Mirage shoes was truly “all about feet and all about you.” They also carried the cutest socks by SmartWool Trekking Heavy Crew Socks (Gray) Large. Open 7 days a week.

Shoes N Feet Shoe Store: This is an excellent store in Fremont where the staff has had in depth training about matching a customer’s needs and foot type with shoes and orthotics. In addition to Taos, Naot, Dansko, and Aravon, they carry shoes such as Aetrex and Orthofeet to accommodate wider feet and feet that need a roomier stretchy topped toe box. They sell a large variety of over the counter supports including Superfeet, Lynco, more rigid supports and lower profile devices for dress shoes. In addition, they sell socks with increased cushioning and Wrightsocks with a double layer designed to decrease friction when exercising. Open Mondays-Saturday.

Shoe Advantage Shoe Store: A great store in the Roosevelt district with a great family history. This store carries a good variety of men’s and women’s casual dress shoes and the staff is very helpful in fitting problem feet. They carry several brands of women shoes including Dansko, Aravon, Keen, Naot, Ecco, Rockport and Merrill. They sell primarily New Balance athletic shoes in the store, but their online store, Online Shoes, has an expanded selection of all types of shoes. If you buy online you can return shoes at the store. They have a full selection of Superfeet, and socks by SmartWool Trekking Heavy Crew Socks (Gray) Large and Thorlo. Open seven days a week and until 8pm weekdays.

Walking Shoe Company: If you’re shopping in the Northgate Mall, you might just want to stop in the Walking Shoe Company. They have the large variety of Dansko shoes. Their Abeo athletic shoes promise and air return energy, but are clearly for lightweight use. Dress shoes by Raffini, Abeo, and Ecco add to their variety. 

Come in anytime to check out our own selection of shoes in our shoe store. Call us ahead of time at 206-368-7000.

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