Investing in the right shoe for the right foot will go a long way to saving your sole by the end of a long work day or athletic activity. Keep in mind the following six tips when making a shoe purchase.

#1 All shoes were not created equal.  Regardless of the activity you do, your feet will feel better when the shoe you wear:

  • Bends at the ball and not in the middle
  • Has a firm heel counter
  • Doesn’t twist easily from side to side

#2 Choosing the right shoe for the right activity depends on:

  • Your weight
  • Your work/exercise
  • Your foot type
  • The surface you are on

#3 The more flexible and flatter your foot, the more likely you are will require a firmer shoe with rigid shank.  The more rigid and higher your arches, the more midfoot support and shock absorbing the shoe will have to be.

#4 Whenever possible, replace the insert that comes with your shoes with either an over the counter insert such as Superfeet or Powerstep, or a prescriptive orthotic.

#5 Match the type of shoes to the activity you are doing. Slip on backless Merrills, Crocs, and flip flops are casual wear that are not meant for long distance walking, hiking, or working.  Use them after work to take a break from your enclosed shoes, but remember, the less the shoe, and the less the lacing, the less support you will have.

#6 Even excellent shoes wear out. The midsole of the shoe is made of a shock absorbing material. As such, it is meant to last approximately 400-600 miles of average use. While you might not be able to look at the shoe and detect this, you should replace your shoes after approximately one year. 

Come in and have one of our foot specialists measure your feet to ensure you have the appropriate shoe size.for free. Call us ahead of time at 206-368-7000.

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