We know we’re favored to beat the Packers, so it’s nice to have the rain instead of the cold on our side.  As seasoned players with webbed feet, we are much more likely to keep our feet under us and hold onto the ball than our more cold savvy Cheeseheads.  

All football players also have an advantage over the 12th man when it comes to staying steady on their feet. While the Seahawks are out there running, pounding each other, and catching the ball while leaping into the air, most of us 12th man fans spend an inordinate amount of time kicking back on our couches, drinking beer and eating pizza. Although we aren’t getting beaten up on a daily basis we certainly aren’t doing our bodies any good by being slugs.

For those of us getting on in years who would rather sit on the sidelines watching sports rather than playing them we’re opening ourselves up for all kinds of nasty body problems that could be prevented by downing one less beer and pizza. I know you’d rather cover your ears or ignor me but as a Seattle podiatrist I’ve seen too many couch potato casualties including diabetes, neuropathy and loss of toes.

So while you’re busy watching the game today, spend more time standing up and stamping your feet then lying back on the couch slugging back another Rainier beer. After the game, go outside with your buddies and walk through the hood letting everyone know what a great 12th man you are and how much you love our team.

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, make sure you come to see me so we can prevent a lot of really nasty stuff from affecting your ability to wave your 12th man flag.  You can reach us at 206-368-7000 or make an appointment online. Go Hawks!

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