Fortunately for the Seahawks and Seahawk fans, K.J. Wright has a chance to play on Sunday against the 49ers according to head coach Pete Carroll. Wright missed the last four games after breaking his right foot against our current rivals. As you watch the game this Sunday with your family you may be thinking about how to prevent sports injuries in your own kids.

Soccer is one of the most popular youth sports in Seattle. Some of the more common injuries in soccer are sprains and broken ankles. Soccer involves a lot of turning, twisting, and sudden movements. These can put a player off balance and set them up for injury.

Preventing Sprains and Ankle Injuries in Sports

  • Check your kid’s shoes to make sure they aren’t wearing down in ways that could set them up for an injury.
  • Encourage stretching and warm ups before play. Calf stretches and light jogging will get blood circulating and warm up ligaments.
  • Make sure that the surface they are playing on is even. Dips and holes in the field are a set up for injuries.
  • Taping and use of ankle braces can be very helpful in preventing injuries.

What to Do When an Injury Occurs

  • Ankle injuries should be treated immediately using immobilization and therapy. The purpose is to restore strength and balance for the most complete recovery.
  • Ankle sprains are often more than just a sprain and can include cartilage injuries or broken bones without your child knowing it. Early assessment and treatment of a sprain will help get your kid back into the action.
  • Ankle fractures are more serious and require immediate attention.
  • Turf toe is another common soccer injury. It occurs when the big toe is overextended during play which creates a jamming of the joint and severe chronic pain. Oral anti-inflammatory medications and taping are the first line in treating this injury. Depending on other factors more aggressive treatment may be needed.

Don’t hesitate to contact the Foot and Ankle Center of Lake City to see one of our Seattle podiatrists if your child sustains a sports injury. To make an appointment, call us at 206-368-7000.

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