Why Fall is the Best Time for Treating Fungal Toenails

The weather is turning cooler and you've started to wear your closed toed shoes. What a relief you might be thinking--I won't have to deal with my fungal toenails. Although it's true that you won't have to worry about exposing your toes to other people, you still have to face your feet every time you look down or need to clip your groty toenails.

The truth is that fall is the best time to finally do something about your toenail fungus.

Why? Treating fungal toenails is a process. No instant gratification here. The good news is at the Foot and Ankle Center of Seattle we can stop the fungus dead in its tracks through our comprehensive laser treatment program.  But what we can't do is get your toenails to grow out instantaneously.

It takes at least 9 months for them to grow out. And by that time summer will be back on the calendar and so will all of the fun outdoor activities you plan to take part in. Wouldn't it be great to have toenails you won't be embarrassed to show off?

Well you can if you get started immediately.

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