Madonna Admits Whiplash from Wearing High Heels
By Dr. Rion Berg
March 03, 2015
Category: Heel pain
Tags: shoe shopping  

It's seems like Madonna has to be bold and beautiful no matter the consequences. Even though the Superstar admitted she got whiplash from a "nightmare" performance that went all wrong while she was wearing super tall high heels she still sports shoes taller than she should. Can you imagine putting yourself at that kind of risk after getting whiplash or a concussion from a fall?

She was spotted wearing flatforms, which are huge platform shoes that can be just as dangerous if not more so than heels. I wrote about these crazy shoes last year when Miley Cyrus was wearing them. Half ballet flats, half platforms these shoes are problematic due to the height and their inability to flex when you walk. That's a really bad combo.

Avoid falling and twisting an ankle by choosing shoes or sandals that are one inch or less. Shoes or sandals should bend at the ball of the foot and are stable in the middle. Flat, flats are really popular now but they don't work for a lot of people; they lack arch support and can exacerbate plantar fasciitis.

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As a Seattle podiatrist, I've seen too many foot problems from long term use of problematic shoes. Keep your feet fit this summer by eschewing Madonna's latest fashion statement and follow these simple tips.

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