Do You Have 30 Minutes to Transform Your Ugly, Fungal Toenails?

If I told you it would only take 30 minutes to transform your ugly, fungal toenails would you be more likely to do something about it?

Most of us are very busy people. What with our jobs, shuffling the kids all over Seattle, taking caring of elderly parents, and just doing the simple stuff like cooking and doing laundry, who has time to take care of something as simple as toenail fungus?

You do! Because you're worth it.

You take care of everyone but yourself and now that Spring has arrived and you take a look at your fungal toenails you just want to scream. You wonder how did I get this awful fungus? What did I do wrong?

First, please stop blaming yourself. Fungus lives everywhere in the environment and it especially loves to live on our toes. We keep them locked up in shoes all winter long where is has a lovely dark, damp environment to grow. You may be more susceptible then other people to getting toenail fungus, but that's hardly your fault.

What if I told you that as a Seattle podiatrist I could make your toenails look much, much better. In many cases I can even return them to their former appearance.

Does that sound like a relief? We offer a free consultation to evaluate your nails and give you specific information to help you make the best decision. Pick up the phone and call my office. The Foot and Ankle Center of Lake City can be reached at 206-368-7000 or by requesting an appointment online.

You can learn more about toenail fungus by reading our Guide to Eliminating Ugly, Fungal Toenails.