As millions of people start signing up for health insurance in Seattle and Washington State, it’s time to also start thinking about ways to ensure that your feet are in tip top shape. You likely already have insurance but if you have pain in your feet and you aren’t coming in to visit your podiatrist than all the insurance in the world won’t help you.

Many of us have excuses for not coming in for care.

  • “I don’t have the time”
  • “I think it will disappear on its own”
  • “It’s going to cost too much”

If this sounds familiar, you have lots of company. Unfortunately, if you have painful feet the chance that it will go away on its own is very small.

Every day patients come in to see us who are really suffering. Somehow they’ve made it past their fears and time constraints and have prioritized their health. They realized that having painful feet will keep them from living a full life.  

Runners come in when their heel pain gets so bad they can no longer do what they love to do. Sometimes stretching, using anti-inflammatory medication, and icing will calm things down and they can get back to running. Other times orthotics are needed to help support the foot more fully and prevent heel pain from reoccurring.

Nordstrom sales people, Starbucks baristas, factory workers, and others who stand on their feet all day finally realize that if their feet continue to hurt they won’t be able to continue working.

Women who are so tired of covering up their ugly toenailsfinally overcome their concerns about cost and come in to get their toenails treated with laser.

Don’t spend one minute more with pain. Set up your appointment today by calling us at 206-368-7000 or sending us an appointment request.

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