When I opened my laptop this morning I was greeted by an article about a surgeon that shortens people toes so they can fit into their favorite shoes. Yikes! Apparently Hollywood stars are taking the plunge. I can't say I'm that surprised.

Then I scrolled to the bottom of the page and caught the reaction of one podiatrist whose handle is Marty Pod and I loved what he said. "Make the shoe fit the foot not the other way around." I couldn't agree more.

Just like so called Cinderella surgery, I would never do this kind of surgery to my patients. And yes it would be doing it to them, not for them. Everything I do is for the health of my patients, not some special look they're trying to achieve. Of course I'll do surgery to get a hammertoe back to its proper position and bunion surgery if it's necessary, but I never take any surgery lightly.

Before talking to my patients about surgery I'll exhaust every other option. For hammertoes and bunions that could be fitting them with a pair of orthotics to correct their foot mechanics and relieve their pain.

Educating people about the types of shoes to wear with these conditions is also top on my list. Shoes with a wide and deeper toe box can be of tremendous help since symptoms are caused by the foot protrusions rubbing against the shoes. I often recommend patients go to Sole Perfection or online to Barking Dog Shoes for a solid recommendation for their bunions or hammertoes.

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