Kelly Ripa appeared on her talk show this past week, "Live With Kelly and Michael", with a walking boot on her left leg. Apparently she sustained an injury while in a dance class when her foot came down on a weight and went under it. The set of weights had that had been left in the wrong place. Ouch!

Kelly said the break sounded like bubble wrap. After getting an X-ray and CT scan, the doctor told her she broke 4 small bones, but that she wouldn't need surgery. The doctor did find that she has Calcaneal Navicular Coalition, which to Kelly sounded like a war strategy instead of the name of a medical condition.

Kelly seemed to be shrugging it all off, swearing that she'll only wear the boot for 3 weeks instead of the 6 weeks required by her doctor.

Kelly can do that if she wants to but Dr. Rion Berg at the Foot and Ankle Center of Lake City won't let his patients get away with that kind of behavior unless they're willing to live with a lot more pain.

Although tripping over a weight in a dance class is pretty uncommon, sustaining a foot or ankle injury while participating in dancing or other sports activities is not. Some other injuries sustained by dancers include Dancer's Fracture, a fracture of the 5th metatarsal bone which results from landing badly on the outside of the foot or twisting the ankle, lateral ankle sprain, stress fractures, and painful heel conditions due to repetitive trauma and overuse.

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