Seahawk kicker Steven Hauschka takes really good care of his toes so that he can do what he does so well—score extra points and field goals for Seattle. His toe regimen will be extra important as the Hawks go up against the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl next weekend.

So what is Hauschka’s secret to keeping his digits in shape? Here is his toe regimen.

Nail Trimming

Although Hauschka doesn’t go into detail about how he trims his nails, he knows if he doesn’t he’ll be in a world of hurt with the tight shoes he wears. At the Foot and Ankle Center of Lake City, we would never recommend tight shoes since doing so can lead to ingrown toenails and exacerbate bunions and other conditions. However, trimming your nails incorrectly can cause ingrown toenails as well, even if you aren’t a Seahawks kicker. The correct way to trim is straight across. You should be able to see a few millimeters of skin just beyond the nail margin and make sure nails do not overhang the edge of your toe.

Special Socks

Seahawk Hauschka uses special socks with rubber on the bottom to prevent his feet from sliding around in his shoes. Although you likely won’t need the type of socks he wears, check out our blog on Best Socks for Runners and Hikers. Diabetics can pick up a pair of Shape to Fit diabetic Socks at our office. These socks reduce fatigue and aches, prevent circulation problems, and protect your feet.

Toe Exercises

Keeping your toes nimble, as you age or if you have a condition like plantar fasciitis, can be easily done with some simple exercises. Hauschka picks up a towel with his toes and drops it for 20 reps. You can also sit in a chair with a towel on a linoleum or wood floor and scrunch up the towel with all your toes by dragging more and more of it toward you 10 times. You can also reverse it by pushing the towel away from you for 10 reps.

If you’re having any problems with your toes such as inflamed skin at the border of your nail (likely an ingrown toenail) or ugly, discolored, or distorted nails, call us at 206-368-7000.

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