Do you have tight calf muscles and experience foot pain? Tight calf muscles are not uncommon in our culture. Because most of us sit all day long our calves tighten up. Women who wear high heels also end up with this condition.

When the calf muscles are too tight you can't move the foot forward properly.  Instead of the force dissipating when you walk or run, the force goes into the foot resulting in Achilles tendonitis or plantar fasciitis.

Here are solutions for beating tight calf muscles.

As soon as I identify tight calf muscles in a patient I start them on a program of appropriate stretching.  Stretching exercises are easily done at home. The problem is that they need to be done for up to thirty minutes a day.  To help you with that a splint can be worn while you're watching TV or reading a book and easily get that thirty minutes of stretching done to reduce the tightness of your calf muscle.

Heel Lift
A heel lift can also be used under the sole of your shoe to raise the heel up which relaxes the calf muscle.

Control the Foot Mechanics
Controlling your foot mechanics is another part of the puzzle that must be resolved to prevent tight calf muscles. Custom orthotics prevent pronation and stops the need for the calf to tighten.

Other Measures
If the inflammation is too great other measures include:

  • icing

  • heat

  • anti-inflammatory medication

  • referral to physical therapy

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