You may already be aware that wearing high heels on a regular basis puts you at high risk for some pretty nasty foot changes such as increased bunion formation and neuromas. Now according to a study out of Stanford, wearing heels on a regular basis in combination with increased weight may also accelerate your chances of getting osteoarthritis of the knee, a condition normally seen in older adults.

Apparently the study indicated that wearing heels and increased changes in weight can alter the way you walk and may make a difference in the risk for this painful condition.


To avoid the possibility of early knee pain from wearing high heels:

  • Avoid wearing heels on a daily basis

  • Keep your heels to a reasonable height (the higher the heel the more weight is placed on the ball of the foot which is a big factor in causing the problems described above.)

  • Try a pair of platform rocker shoes or sandals like those made by Jafa which allows the ball of your foot to roll through your walk. Jafa's can be purchased at the Woolly Mammoth in Seattle.

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