We have a lot to be thankful for in the Northwest. We didn’t have a hurricane and the worst weather was yesterday with a 2.5 inches of rain. We tend to complain a lot about our weather, too wet, too gray, not enough sun, too much sun, but for most of us, our smiles are big as we prepare to celebrate a festive Thanksgiving.

So, take a moment now, today, to be thankful and gracious to those who have less, or who might be going through troubled times this holiday season. Our Rotary club members gathered as we do annually to work with the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts to package and deliver 70 boxes of food for families in need in Lake City and the surrounding community. 

If you don’t have an event to participate in, you can donate to your local food bank, or better yet, volunteer at your local food bank.  If you truly want an amazing experience, volunteer at Northwest Harvest in Kent on a Saturday morning. This is the central warehouse where food comes in and then is distributed all over Washington.

Finally, be safe. We all get so hurried to and from the grocery store, dashing out for the best sales, running late for a gathering of friends. Slow down, just a hair. Remember, the car that’s going too slow in front of you might just contain your neighbor. And, when in line at the store, say hello to someone and wish them a wonderful holiday.

Your patience and kind words may be the most wonderful gift you can give.

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