A foot fracture in starting defensive tackle Star Lotulelei may give Seahawks a greater advantage in the first play off game in Seattle. Apparently Lotulelei stepped on another player’s foot during practice and rolled it. He’ll be out for two weeks.

A foot fracture is common in football players, runners and other athletes, particularly if they are active on uneven surfaces or do a lot of twisting as part of their sport.

There are two types of foot fractures that we see in our Seattle podiatry office.

  • General foot fracture - this very likely is the type of fracture suffered by Lotuelei. It occurs from twisting motions or from dropping an object on your foot.
  • Stress fracture – these fractures are tiny cracks in the bone surface. These occur when runners increase their training time and distance more suddenly instead of gradually or use other improper training techniques.

Treatment of a foot fracture at the Foot and Ankle Center of Lake City depends on which bones are involved in the fracture. It’s important that a person who has a foot injury be evaluated by a Seattle podiatrist or other physician who specialized in this treatment.

I recommend using RICE (rest, ice, compression, and elevation) as the first step in treating a foot injury at home. This will help in reducing swelling and internal damage until you can get in to our Seattle podiatry office.

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