While most of us over 50 have occasional swelling in our feet and ankles, when the swelling becomes chronic it's a problem. Chronic swelling has two primary causes: fluid build-up and inflammation. Part of the treatment for swollen legs are wearing compression stockings.

What are compression stockings?

Compression stockings are specially designed to improve the circulation in your legs and feet. They are made of a lightweight material that creates more pressure from the bottom of the foot and less as it goes up the leg.

How do they work?

The most important effect of these stockings is to improve the flow of blood returning from your feet to your heart. In doing so, this will prevent swelling, or even worse, the development of sores in the legs or ankles known as venous stasis ulcers. In addition for those of you who stand all day, they will decrease the fatigue in your legs.

When are they worn?

They are best worn from the time you get up in the morning until you go to bed at night.

What is the difference between over-the-counter (OTC) and prescriptive stockings?

The difference between OTC and prescriptive stockings is that prescriptive stockings are of greater strength. Your physician is the only one who can decide what strength you will need to control swelling and prevent ulcerations. 

When are prescriptive stockings required?

The truth is that all of us who stand, walk, work even a moderate amount of hours on our feet would benefit from wearing these stockings. It is an absolute necessity if you’re already experiencing chronic swelling of the legs due to venous insufficiency, or have had a history of developing venous stasis ulcerations of the ankle or leg.

OTC Compression Stockings We Recommend

If you're experiencing the bread dough swelling and other symptoms above, talk to Dr. Berg about getting a prescription for support stockings. However, if you're experiencing fatigue and are on your feet a lot we recommend purchasing Sockwell compression socks

You may think compression stockings are only for aging adults, when in fact, OTC stockings can bring significant relief to anyone who is experiencing fatigue in their legs after standing for a period of time.

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