broken toesBritish actress Kate Winslet broke her toe when she had a run in with a falling chair on the set of her latest film Triple 9. She plays a Russian mafia gangster, Irina Vlaslov, in a heist thriller to be released in theaters on Feb 26th, 2016. Instead of taking care of herself, Kate powered through her scene the next day jamming her poor toe into a pair of red boots so she could stay in character.

Does This Sound Like You?

Often we'll ram our toes into a dresser at night and just assume we can just blow it off by thinking it's not broken when the truth may be just the opposite. And broken toes aren't the only problem my patients tend to ignore until it hurts so bad they come limping into my office.

How to Treat A Broken Toe

Fortunately broken toes are easy to treat if you seek treatment quickly.

Treatments can include:

  • splinting
  • wearing rigid or stiff-soled shoes
  • buddy taping the broken toe to the one next to it
  • in rare instances, surgery 

Other Common Foot Problems

While broken toes are common so is plantar fasciitis or heel pain  Although you might think that sharp pain in your heel will just go away if you put off running for awhile and apply some ice, these solutions will rarely will solve the problem.

With over 30 years of experience getting patients back to doing what they love, Dr. Rion Berg doesn't just look at the site of the problem but examines the whole person and employs an array of techniques to get you back on your feet quickly.

Although powering through your foot pain might seem like a heroic thing to do, it's more courageous to admit you've got a problem, take yourself out of the game, and get yourself to a Seattle podiatrist.

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