Being a tourist just got easier. Not only can we make our plans over the internet, use podcasts from Rick Steves to take us on a virtual tour of the British Museum, and use our smartphones to get us around town. Now we can take our eyes off of our phone and let our shoes do the talking.

Now Sneakairs are here. These shoes created by EasyJet the budget UK airline, will buzz when you need to turn left or right so that you can reach the leaning Tower of Pisa without looking like a tourist.

These shoes get their marching orders through your phone navigation app. How cool is that!

Now I'm sure many of you may be pretty darn excited about this new innovation ala the Jetsons. But I'm more curious whether these shoes will meet my exacting standards when it comes to keeping your feet feeling good.

Since these shoes are still in the prototype phase I'm assuming EasyJet is still open for comment. Here is what I would tell them"

"Dear EasyJet,

Thank you for your new innovation in shoes. While the technology is cool I have some suggestions for you.

  • Make sure the shoes aren't flat but have an arch to support your customer's feet.
  • The shoes should be engineered to bend at the toes, not in the middle.
  • Try twisting the shoes to see if they bend easily. If so make them more stable.
  • Try moving the heel from right to left. If they aren't easily movable, great. If they are please stiffen the heel counter.

If you need to see a demonstration just check out my video, "How to Test Any Shoe for Stability."


Dr. Rion Berg"

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