The Seahawks pulled out a stunner last night against the Philadelphia Eagles and Earl Thomas was no small part of that. Even though Thomas looked like he might be out with heel pain he was declared good to go by Pete Carroll and he didn't disappoint us. He successfully assisted in tackling quarterback Carson Wentz to stop a potential touchdown which may have been the turning point in the whole game.

As a Seattle podiatrist I'm wondering how Earl is doing now with his heel pain since it's a condition very unlikely to resolve in a couple of days.  Earl probably received a cortisone shot to relieve the pain so he would be ready to play. If he does have heel pain or plantar fasciitis it's probably not any better and very likely worse after playing last night's game.

I would never have given the go ahead to a patient to play, but Earl Thomas is a different story. He gets paids millions to play for the Seahawks even with an injury.

Here's what I would do with my patients in a similar situation in addition to keeping them out of the game.

  • Have them apply ice over the first 48 hours, take anti-flammatory medication, and possibly a cortisone injection to reduce the inflammation.
  • Tape the foot so that no pressure is put on the plantar fascia, the tendon that's sustained the injury.
  • Give them an Aircast Airheel, a device used to take the pressure off the heel.

It's always tempting to keep going after an injury particularly for athletes, but in the long run it's better to stay on the sidelines to shorten the time it takes to heal.

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