Santa may have a sleigh and travel through the sky, but as mortals, we’ll soon be pounding the pavement in concrete malls. I think people take their feet for granted like we do our cars and just get exasperated when they begin to hurt and break down. Unfortunately,  you can’t call AAA for "toe" service while you’re on your feet shopping. Here, however are some simple things you can do to prevent Mallitis.

#1 If at all possible, wear a good pair of athletic shoes with at least a good over the counter full length arch support such as Spenco or Superfeet. Your feet will thank you so much!

#2 Wear socks with microfiber and if possible, some compression built in. These socks will decrease your foot friction, decrease burning of the feet, and improve the blood flow back to your heart. This will greatly decrease your foot fatigue.

#3 Your feet dry out in the cooler wetter months of the Northwest (October through July?). Dry skin leads to cracks and fissures. Apply a good moisturizing cream such as Amalactin or Lachydrin twice daily in order to prevent skin breakdown.

#4 If women must dress up, you are actually better off with a low heeled shoe compared to flats which lack support altogether.

#5 Remember, don’t stand for foot pain. It is not normal, and when your feet hurt you will hurt all over. If pain develops, make an appointment* to come in and let us help you keep your feet healthy. You get only one pair that must last you a lifetime.  

Rion A. Berg, DPM
Podiatrist and Board Certified Foot Surgeon

*If you wake up one day with foot pain or develop pain during the day due to possible injury, please call us right away at 206.368.7000. We will do our best to get you in that same day.

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