Foot fraud? Really? That’s what beauty contestant Shawna Lynn Palmer who competed in this year’s Miss Toyota Long Beach Grand Prix Beauty Pageant is guilty of. She was arrested on Friday for defrauding an insurance company because she kept receiving workman compensation benefits for a supposed toe fracture she got on the job. She claimed that she could not put any weight on her foot, move it in any direction, or wear shoes for any length of time. Then she was caught red-footed in a video showing her competing in high heels.

While you or someone you know may not be defrauding an insurance company, make sure you are not committing foot fraud by avoiding your podiatrist. Here are some common reasons for avoiding foot care.

It’s Going to Hurt

You may have been suffering from foot pain for a long time but for some reason who think that I’m going to inflict more pain than you’re currently dealing with. The truth is you probably don’t have any idea of what’s really going on with your foot. Until a Seattle podiatrist such as me can examine your foot and find out the source of the pain, can any real healing begin. Often the source of the pain can be alleviated using treatments that are painless. But you won’t know that until you overcome your fear and make that appointment.

If I Wait, it Will Go Away

You may have been suffering from a condition that may worsen with time but you think your condition will go away on its own. Most foot conditions I see will not go away on their own. For example, an ingrown toenail is a common condition that is quite painful but treatable condition that requires minor surgery in my office.

Certain Foot Conditions Aren’t Treatable

Another reason you may be avoiding me is that you think you have a condition that’s not treatable. For example, you have bunions just like your mother or sister did so you just assume there is nothing to be done about it short of surgery. Although surgery is certainly an option for some cases, we provide relief for bunions with much more conservative methods such as padding and orthotics.

Don’t keep committing foot fraud! Come and see me and my team at the Foot and Ankle Center of Lake City. We have 30 years of experience diagnosing and treating all types of foot and ankle conditions. You can listen to one of my patients talk about her experience here. You can make an appointment by calling 206-368-7000 or request an appointment online.

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