Are you the proud mother of a young athlete who wants to follow in the footsteps of Seahawk Richard Sherman? If your kids feet are as active as Richard’s they are likely to get pretty banged up especially if they’re playing a sport like soccer, rugby, or football. What can you do to help your kid with some of the problems that are likely to occur? Although I’ve written about what soccer moms can do to help their kids in a previous blog, today we’re going to learn specifically about a particular heel pain condition that affects young athletes called Sever’s Disease.

Calcaneal Apophysitis or Sever’s Disease is painful condition that manifests as an inflammation of the heel’s growth plate and typically occurs in kids between the ages of 8-14 years of age. Sports can aggravate this condition, particularly if there is a lot of running, jumping, and banging into other athletes. So if your kids in involved in soccer, rugby, or football you need to be on the alert for this type of pain so that you know what to do.

At this time of year when many of these sports have just started parents and coaches are more likely to see a lot of this common condition.

What to Look For

  • Your child complaints of heel pain
  • You see your child limping
  • You observe them walking on their toes
  • They are having a difficult time participating in their sport
  • It’s painful when you squeeze the sides of their heel

What Can Be Done?

  • Reduce Your Child’s Activity - in particular any activity that causes pain
  • Heel Support – heel lifts, shoe inserts and/or custom orthotics can make a big difference
  • Proper shoes for the Activity – be sure your child is wearing the appropriate shoes for the activity they engage in. eg. Cleats for soccer

If reducing your child’s activity and heel lifts or shoe inserts don’t work, contact our office at 206-368-7000 to make an appointment. We’ll get your child properly diagnosed and on the way to healing and getting back to doing what they love.

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