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Almost everyday I have a patient who complains of ball of foot pain. This is particularly true in the spring and summer with an increase in activities such as walking and hiking. It's also not unusual for a patient to increase their activities to get in shape or lose weight after a long period of not exercising.   

While the pain can have a sudden onset, when I get a detailed history of my patients I often find that they have changed their work or play activities and are spending more time on their feet.

Of course there are many possible diagnoses, but upon complete evaluation I usually find something faulty in their foot mechanics that in combination with increased activity, has produced the pain. Pain present directly under one joint will often help me differentiate the problem from tendon or nerve problems.

I also look for presence of bunions, hammertoes, flatfeet, high arches, neuromas, and tight heel cords/Achilles. Orthotics, physical therapy and use of special daily splinting for a limited time, can usually resolve the problem.

Summer is a time for outdoor fun. Don’t stand for foot pain. It is not normal and the faster you get it evaluated and treated, the faster you will be able to return to enjoy your spring and summer activities.

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Ball of Foot Pain

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What a week of so many wonderful moments during this unprecedented run of sunny days in Seattle.

With it so warm and beautiful out, it has certainly been a time to enjoy whatever your cup of tea is from hiking, camping, biking , walking and of course fun on the lakes or Puget Sound.

After an evening of a joyous reunion with friends at a fabulous find, Meo’s Mediterranean Greek restaurant (half price bottle of wine and two old Greek fellows on mandolin and guitar Weds., Mill Creek ), the call came in from daughter number two about an accident involving her boyfriend. While on a lake near Cle Elum he was jumping off a tree trunk into lake when the branch broke. He went straight down into the shallow water and impaled his right foot on a stump. This cut straight through the inside of his arch severing a muscle in two. He went to an urgent care center and the physicians there determined no major arteries were involved and all tendons of importance still attached and working. They wrapped him up and sent him to me.

Thank goodness for friends like Dr. Alan Woodle, who happens to be a night owl. He agreed to assist me in repairing the damage to the boyfriend’s foot. After working with me for three hours in my surgical center, we cleaned out, repaired and confirmed there no damage to major nerves, arteries or tendons. Other than missing several weeks of work, the boyfriend should be fine and able to return to all activities.

My daughter’s boyfriend was one lucky young man. He will not suffer any long term effects from his playful plunge. He was also lucky to have a girlfriend whose father just happens to be a board certified surgeon with his own surgical center and who also happens to have a wonderful podiatrist friend willing to get up in the middle of the night. Plus this young man had no insurance.

My message is that summer fun, can come undone in a flash. These kids now have an insurance policy. With Obama Care it will now be easier for young people to get health insurance even if they think they don’t need it.  Obviously this young man could have had a financial disaster if luck was not on his side.