All I want for Christmas is to dance the night away in my four inch heels with no pain. For some wealthy patients in London, Botox seems to be the latest solution for eliminating their foot pain during the holiday season.

While there have been some small studies that show that Botox has performed better than steroids for heel pain, it's not a permanent solution for most people. Although this seemingly miracle drug works on an amazing number of painful problems such as migraines and can smooth away wrinkles between the eyes, its effect is temporary. In addition, Botox is a very expensive treatment.

Of course I never advocate high heels for my patients, but if you're going to wear them there are some things you can do to make them more tolerable.

  • Don't buy cheap shoes. Head straight to Nordstrom. The salespeople there are better trained to understand problems of the foot. Ask them for a comfortable high heel that you can wear for several hours.

  • Bring a pair of lower heeled shoes to the party. If you get hobbled halfway through the night you may decide you'll just kick them off while your head to the dance floor. This may be OK for some women, but if you have plantar fasciitis or other foot problems going barefoot can make your pain worse.

  • If your current shoes hurt, purchase yourself a pair of high heel insoles made just for high heel wearers. These will also help distribute your weight across your foot instead of placing it all on the ball of your foot.

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