As teachers Lavina Smith and John Stafford take a break from the picket line at Roosevelt High to pose for a shot, I got to thinking about how much your feet will tolerate before they go on strike.

Just like striking Seattle teachers who been asked to work longer hours for a minimal raise in pay (after 6 years of no cost of living increase), your feet will only be willing to take so much before screaming "I can't stand it anymore".

Here are signs that your feet are on strike:

Heel Pain

You've been walking around with a lot of heel pain, but recently it's reached the breaking point. Waking up with the sensation that someone drove a nail into your heels when you got out of bed this morning is a sure sign your feet are no longer working for you--and have gone on strike.

Swollen Feet and Ankles

You've been ignoring this problem for a while now, figuring it will just go away on its own. Your dogs get swollen with walking and standing, but now they're swollen all the time.

OK--now you're a bit concerned. And you should be!

Some swelling with walking and standing as we get into our 50s and beyond may not be a cause for concern. But constant swelling could signal an infection, an injury, venous insufficiency (problems with the blood returning to the heart), or a deep blood clot or deep vein thrombosis.

Walking Is a Constant Problem

You may have started out with some small pain that went away once you got off your feet. But now walking is really a problem. Joining an actual picket line would put your feet in a heap of trouble. Lots of foot and ankle problems can cause foot pain. Besides heel pain or plantar fasciitis, you could be suffering from worsening bunions, neuromas, or an ingrown toenail.

Whatever their reason for striking, your feet deserve to take time off so that they can be seen by a Seattle podiatrist.

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