While the federal government is in the midst of partial shutdown, your feet can’t wait for congress to act when they suddenly develop intense pain. 

Yesterday, one of my patients came in the door and simply said, “Dr. Berg, I’m in pain, my feet are killing me, and I need your help.”  This man spends all day on his feet building Boeing planes, and no matter what goes on in Washington DC, he needs to be on the job. It was such a joy to have the time with a new patient to thoroughly evaluate his feet and his walking to discover the key factors contributing to his misery.

While his problems were fairly common, including flat feet and tight Achilles tendon, no two patients are completely alike, and the differences are important when It comes to giving a patient the best treatment.

When we were done with the evaluation, he gave me the highest compliment telling me that I took the time to explain things to him in language he could understand and my recommended treatment made sense. The treatment applied is often the same, but the richness of practice will never go bankrupt when I establish this kind of relationship with a patient.

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