Are Maximalist Running Shoes A Gimmick?Will the athletic shoe companies please make up their mind? First they were touting the minimalist shoe as the way to go for runners. The latest craze is on the opposite end of the spectrum; maximalist running shoes. Although the biggest minimalist company, Vibram lost a major class action lawsuit for making false claims about their shoes many runners still love these shoes.

Built for runners who want a lot of extra cushioning for marathons and ultra-marathons, maximalist shoes also has its enthusiasts.

While there is some concern about the heaviness, awkwardness, lack of feel for the ground, and shoe height (which could theoretically cause instability) so far there is no evidence that these shoes are harmful to your feet or body. Many runners really like them and many shoe companies are promoting them with loads of benefits including reduction of muscle fatigue.

The smartest thing I've read about these shoes was in an article written by "Word to the wise: maximalist shoes are not for everyone.......just as with any running shoe, you need to find a shoe that fits your foot and works with your gait and the type of running you'll be doing."

Every foot is different. In addition, to gait and the type of running you'll be doing, you have to consider your foot type and any problems with your feet. Is your foot flat or high arched? Do you tend to pronate (foot falls in) or supinate (foot falls out)? Do you tend to develop plantar fasciitis, ingrown toenails or have bunions?

Learn more about how to buy the best running shoe for you.

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