National Foot Health Month has been designated by the American Podiatric Medical Association as a month to increase the public awareness of foot health.  This is a time where your podiatrist is looking to highlight some of the achievement s of this wonderful profession and the benefits you receive through regular foot health evaluations.

When I think of what I might communicate to you regarding foot health, the first thing that comes to mind is that the majority of foot health problems are preventable.  The second thing is that the greatest majority of non-injury related problems may have a mechanical / structural cause. While we can’t change the structure of your foot without surgery, we can often provide a mechanical solution.

What would a mechanical problem look like? Answer: A mechanical problem may simply present as slow or sudden onset of pain anywhere from the ball of the foot to the heel or Achilles tendon without any history of true injury.  When these problems are not treated, the pain becomes chronic and people may simply learn to live with it. Don’t stand for foot pain! It is not normal to have your feet ache all day or for foot pain to prevent you from assuming an active life style.

Through our training as podiatric physicians, we are schooled in the evaluation and treatment of mechanical, medical, and surgical problems of the foot and ankle. In most cases, after an initial evaluation we are able to diagnose your foot problem, and determine whether your problem may be resolved non-surgically. Temporary relief may be gained by use of a splint, brace, taping, or an over the counter arch support and a change in your shoes.  During the second visit, and depending upon your response to initial treatment a longer term solution is sought that might include prescriptive foot supports, called orthotics, and physical therapy. 

Our goal is to keep you on your feet and able to pursue your daily activities including your work, your hobbies and your exercise.  During this month, take note of whether you’ve been putting up with foot problems that are dragging you down.  Foot problems tend to run in families.  Have your family’s feet evaluated before problems develop. Remember, your feet are your foundation and you get only one pair per lifetime.

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