Besides chowing down on BBQ chicken, hotdogs, and apple pie, setting off fireworks, hearing them, and seeing them are all part of the July 4thexperience. As your Seattle podiatrist, what does fireworks safety have to do with feet? Not much unless you happen to step on a recently spent sparkler or your feet get in the way of firecrackers as they are exploding. Because I don’t want to receive any calls on Monday for foot burns or missing toes, I thought I’d remind my patients about the dos and don’ts of using fireworks.

Here are some tips from the National Council on Fireworks Safety that are meant for kids of all ages.

  • Supervise your teens if they are lighting firecrackers – teens take risks; talk to them ahead of time about how to safely light fireworks and let them know you need to be around when they do it.
  • Young children should not be allowed to handle fireworks (if they want to hold a sparkler be sure that you are holding it with them).
  • Don’t wave sparklers in the air
    Don’t leave lit sparkers unattended
  • Have water handy so that fireworks can be quickly extinguished and soak all fireworks before throwing in the garbage.
  • Wear safety glasses when using fireworks.
  • Read caution and safety warnings before igniting fireworks.
  • Don’t drink and light. Save alcohol for after your fireworks show.
  • Never relight a “dud” firework; wait 20 minutes and then put in a bucket of water.

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