If you stand all day on the job, you already know about the painful foot problems you've had to endure.

You have good company.

According to the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists, two million sick days are taken as a result of lower limb disorders. The good news is whether you're a pharmacist, nurse, hair designer, salesperson, or teacher there are things you can do to give your feet relief.

Here are 6 tips for foot relief if you stand on the job:

1. Choose the Right Shoes

Unless you work in a factory and need steel-toed shoes, you'll have a variety of shoes to choose from in the marketplace. Keep in mind that shoes that will kill you after two hours are going to do much more damage after eight or more hours. Stay away from shoes that are higher than an inch in height and crowd your toes. Check out 7 Essential Shoe Shopping Tips for Women to help you in your search.

2. Wear Compression Stockings

Compression stockings may conjure up images of little old ladies, but the truth is they are a must for anyone who spends all day on their feet. These socks are made to improve the circulation in your legs and feet. As a result, they prevent and reduce swelling, foot ulcers, and fatigue.

3. Stretch Your Feet and Calves

When you stand or walk all day your feet and calf muscles can become stiff and painful and can lead to Achilles tendonitis and other foot problems. To avoid this painful condition, do the runner's stretch several times during the day. To stretch your feet and plantar fascia, place your right foot on top of your left knee, grab your toes and stretch them towards you, hold for 10 seconds and then repeat on the other side. In addition, if you can remove your socks lace your right fingers with your left toes pulling them back toward your foot, and then repeat with your right toes.

4. Massage and Ice Your Feet

Remember the ice bucket challenge? Instead of pouring it over your head treat your tired, swollen feet to a bucket of ice water. Don't do this if you have vascular problems. You can also use a frozen water bottle to massage the bottom of your feet.

5. Put Your Feet Up

Elevate your feet at the end of your workday to decrease the swelling in your feet.

6. Buy Some Inserts

Most shoes come with very flimsy inserts that won't provide the support you'll need all day. Try a good over-the-counter insert like Superfeet or Powerstep Orthotics. If you experience pain even with the additional support you may very likely need prescriptive orthotics from your podiatrist.

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