As you dash out of work early today to get out of town or hit the beach, it's important to keep in mind that the same footwear you use at the lake or ocean are not necessarily appropriate for your evening fireworks viewing. While going barefoot or wearing flip flops are pretty low risk in sand, the same is not the case if you and your kids are wandering around the Seafair Summer 4th at Lake Union or you attend another event around town.

As your local Seattle podiatrist, I'm here to tell you that going barefoot or wear flimsy flip flops on around any fireworks, is a terrible idea. They simply do not mix.

Although fireworks shows can seem pretty safe, wearing flip flops or walking around with bare feet at these events can result in injuries.

  • Stubbed toe - often we stub our toe when walking around at night and stumble into a dresser drawer or some other object. The same is true of fireworks events. It's dark, you go wandering off to find the bathroom and ouch --there's a greater chance you're going to run into a cooler or a person. Wearing your sneakers or other closed toes shoes make this much less likely.
  • Tripping - wearing flip flops are a big set-up for trips and falls. If you're going to wear any type of flip flop make sure it has arch support and is made out of leather.
  • Burns - sparklers burn at temperatures of about 2,000 degrees. You know this is true if you've ever accidentally touched one that was still hot. Plenty of people who attend these events bring their own fireworks including sparklers. Going barefoot, wearing flimsy flip flops, or any footwear that exposes your toes can set you up for a nasty burn if you happen upon one.

Do yourself and your family members a favor. Insist that everyone wear their sneakers to this year's 4th of July fireworks and save the bare feet and flip flops for the beach.

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Dr. Rion Berg
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A podiatrist in North Seattle treating families for over 40 years.
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