As September approaches, you've been perusing the internet looking for a shoe that's right for you.  You may decide to buy your shoes on Zappos or Amazon go to Nordies because you love the in store experience.

Either way there are three hacks to know instantly if the shoe is right for you.


You should never have to break in shoes. That's a myth your parents grew up with and somehow it's crept into your brain. The truth is your shoes should feel instantly comfortable right out of the box. If not, give them the boot.

Fortunately both Zappos and Nordies have great return policies.  If you put on some mileage and the shoes hurt don't hesitate to return them.

Test Your Shoes

Anyone can test a shoe to see if they're going to hold up and give your feet the love they deserve. Now it may not matter as much if you're just lounging around in your kicks. But if you're bussing it to work and have to walk around a lot, your feet will be a lot happier if you choose a shoe that will pass the test. You'll particular want to make sure they'll pass it if you've got flat feet that tend to pronate. A more supportive shoe will keep your feet from hurting.

Wiggle Room is Vital

Even though pointy shoes may look great on your feet if they're pinching your toes send them back. Shoes that pinch will hurt more once you start walking around in them.  Still not convinced? Consider the possibility of black or fungal toenails from the constant pressure your piggies will get when pressed against your shoes.  Make sure your toes have wiggle room by making sure you have a least a half inch of space between your longest toe and the end of the shoe.

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