As a runner you very likely peeked out your window today to see how much it snowed overnight.  Your first thought might have been how bad will the traffic be?  But your second thought was probably how will the snow affect my run?

Of course many of you may have given up on that idea and are planning to head to the gym after work, but for those hardy souls that want to experience the winter wonderland here are some tips for running outdoors and staying safe at the same time.

Last year I wrote a blog on the "The Art of Running Safely in the Rain". Certain aspects of that blog still apply to running in snowy weather, but there are a lot of other things to keep in mind when you throw snow into the mix.

Dress Appropriately for the Weather
Although we're unlikely to have weather in the 20s if it's snowing you know it's going to be at least 32 degrees outside. While you'll warm up and get hotter the longer you run, you'll still want to avoid shorts to prevent hypothermia. At the same time you'll need to avoid bundling up too much so you won't get overheated. It's important to strike the right balance by wearing clothes that will keep you warm enough and wick away moisture from your body at the same time.

Some suggestions:

Choose Your Footgear Wisely

  • Wear trail shoes rather than your usual running shoes to give you more grip.

  • Lots of snow means you're going to need extra traction for your feet. Yaktrax are specially designed to keep you going

  • Socks such as SmartWool Trekking Heavy Crew Socks (Gray) Large or another sock that wicks away moisture are also an essential addition. Even if your feet get wet you'll still stay warm.

  • Since our snow tends to be wetter in the lowlands avoid the slush and puddles that are very likely to form on the streets.

Stay Safe

  • Run during the day and/or wear a running vest or strobe light at night.

  • A shorter running stride can prevent you from slipping and falling.

  • Keep hydrated. Your body will require just as much water as if you were running in the summer.

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