As a Seattle podiatrist one of the most common foot problems I see is plantar fasciitis. Physical therapy is one of the most frequent treatments I use to help my patients resolve this painful condition quickly. As a former physical therapist I'm always interested in new developments in the profession, particularly as it relates to treating foot problems.

Fortunately Loyola University Medical Center in Chicago is conducting a study to determine the effectiveness of new treatments for plantar fasciitis. Participants will be randomly assigned to one of two groups.

One group will receive massage and other techniques to release muscle tightness, a common problem in those who experience heel pain. This technique is already used by physical therapists to treat heel pain.

The other group will receive an instrument guided therapy called the Graston Technique. Stainless steel instruments are used to comb over and identify scar tissue. Scar tissue is broken up and then absorbed by the body.

Both groups will do stretches and strengthening exercises.

Although many patients heal within a few months or less from plantar fasciitis through use of modalities including physical therapy, use of orthotics, and reduction in inflammation, others have a much longer healing period. I'm hopeful that the Graston Technique will prove to be successful in helping those patients.

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