Computerized Gait Analysis

We're now using a great new tool  in our practice. It's called Go4D and it utilizes a computerized analysis of your standing and your walking. We still start with the history of your problem and a physical examination, sitting and then a walking exam. Usually through that we're well along our way to deciding what the problem is.

With this new tool, we learn things we can't see with the rest of that exam. Walking on this system lets us distinguish between the timing and weight bearing and differences between your left and right foot through the walking cycle.

Most recently with a patient coming in with pain in the ball of the foot, that actually showed up on this exam and distinguished that there was almost two different kinds of feet. Normally you think of flat feet and high arches. Well, one foot was half of one and one foot was half of the other. The computerized walking analysis shows exactly where the forces were going in the foot and how this differed. This led us to a better prescription for orthotics to resolve this problem quickly.

If you're having chronic foot problems, whether you've been treated before or not, come on in, let's get this analysis done and see if it adds that extra element to solving your foot problem.

Dr. Rion Berg
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A podiatrist in North Seattle treating families for over 40 years.