At this time of year you'll be spending more time than usual on your feet. If you're prone to plantar fasciitis I know you'll want to have some tools in your toolbox to prevent a holiday season flare-up.

Get Yourself a Pair of Dress Orthotics

Very likely you have one pair of orthotics for a wider shoe with a larger toe box. Although they were great to help you heal from plantar fasciitis, they just won’t cut it when you get all snazzed up for the holidays. You want to don your favorite pair of shoes and your orthotics just won’t accommodate the narrow, cute style. Never fear, we do make orthotics for dress shoes.

Don’t Wear Flat, Flat Shoes

Tight calf muscles and flat, flat shoes can create the perfect storm for those with a tendency to get plantar fasciitis. And at this time of year when you’ll be spending lots of time on your feet at parties avoiding flat, flat shoes will help keep you out of pain. Plan to wear shoes that have a slight heel of up to one inch. You’ll be much happier and you won’t have to come see me. 

If You Have to Wear High Heels, Listen Up

I know many of you may want to wear your high heels at this time of year and I can’t stop you. Instead of taking off your shoes when your feet start to ache, bring an extra pair of shoes that have more room in the toe box and are 1 inch in height or less.

If you are experiencing pain right now, schedule some time to come see us at the Foot and Ankle Center of Lake City. Call us at 206-368-7000 or request an appointment online.

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