Did you know that by the time you reach 50 you've already walked 75,000 miles? And that's for the average person. If you're more active, you'll need to add to that number.

In addition to foot mileage, runners need to factor in the amount of force applied from pounding the pavement. While walkers apply 3 pounds of force on their feet for every pound of weight, runners apply 7 pounds of force.

It's no wonder people are more at risk for heel pain the older they get particularly if they've been more active.

Of course age is only one of the factors that can make heel pain and another condition, Achilles tendonitis, more likely.

Genetics matter! We inherit our foot type from our parents. Have a parent with flat feet, than you are more likely to have flat feet. People with flat feet tend to roll in when they walk putting more force and strain on the plantar fascia, making them at higher risk for heel pain.

Have tight calf muscles along with being older and/or having flat feet? Tight calf muscles also add to the  strain on the plantar fascia.  

Remember all the extra force you add to your feet when you run? Yes, unfortunately runners are also at greater risk for heel pain, particularly if the other factors are in play.

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